Automated Data Extraction

Go paperless! and save time and money in processing your Receipts, Invoices, Forms and various documents. We scan, extract your data and provide you with a secure easily accessible digital storage of your paperwork. We offer:

  • Receipts and invoices data capture,
  • Accounts payable automation,
  • Forms processing,
  • Referrals and applications processing, etc.
  • Improve your processes

    Forms Processing to automate data entry tasks

    Secure integration with your solutions


    Enterprise Content Management

    Fully integrated with a Data Capture solution, our Enterprise Content Management solution e-Doc360 is not only about storage and retrieval of documents, it’s a working platform that allows managing your processes, documents, cases and assets in an automated way. It includes several modules:

  • Documents Management,
  • Digital Asset Management,
  • Records Management,
  • Contracts Management,
  • Automated workflows and process improvement options
  • Improve your processes

    Digital Asset Management: Identify, Store, Preserve and Retrieve

    Records and Resources Management: Enhanced collaboration

    Document Management: Track, manage, store documents and reduce paper


    Who are we ?

    360 business ventures is a technology- based consulting and outsourcing company. Our vast experience in developing and implementing automated solutions and processes allows us to constantly deliver new, innovative and value-adding business solutions to our clients. We offer a wide range of integrated services and solutions that combine both technology and our expertise in three key areas, namely:

    - Consulting
    - Digital solutions
    - Outsourcing

    We, women and men at 360 Business Ventures, engage and work collaboratively with our customers to continuously improve their performance and their positioning.

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    At 360 Business Ventures, we operate across geographies

    in IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing

    Our vision is to bring together highly motivated employees with a strong commitment to sustainable and ethical practices and to innovative value adding technological solutions for our customers.

    We all live and breathe our values! They are respected by each person at 360 Business Ventures

    -Act with integrity

    -Empower our partners

        -Create sustainable and innovative value- added solutions

         -Exceed our clients expectations



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